Hemp Oil

It contains over 1/2 Omega-6 and also ¼ Omega-3 (linolenic) fatty acids with an array of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D and E. It can help prevent skin irritation and leave hair smooth, soft, and conditioned.

Argan Oil

It’s light and known for its superb moisturizing qualities – two factors that any good beard oil needs to have, Argan oil is also rich in naturally occurring vitamin E, which nourishes the beard and protects the oil from oxidation.

Jojoba Oil

Quickly absorbs to the skin and beard without leaving your face looking oily and greasy, doesn’t block your pores, The naturally occurring vitamin E,  gives great moisturizing benefits to the facial hair and the skin underneath.

Avocado Oil

Great moisturizing and skin regenerative properties, avocados are rich in natural vitamins A and E, and since the oil is pressed from the pulp of the avocado fruit, the oil also contains these skin and beard nourishing nutrients.