Why should I use beard oil?

Beard oil is a hair conditioner that hydrates and softens your beard. It's also good for hydrating your face, by ridding your beard from that pesky dandruff. Beard oil is used to make beards appear fuller, softer, and more manageable.  

How do I apply beard oil?

Most men should use beard oil twice a day, once in the morning before going to work and again before going to bed. Before bed, take a warm shower and apply a little more oil to your face and beard oil than you would in the morning. Allow the beard oil to perform its magic while you sleep.

The amount of oil you'll need is entirely dependent on the size of your beard.

2 to 4 drops will suffice if you're in the stubble stage
5–6 drops for a medium-sized beard
6–8 drops for a large beard

In the palms of your hands, apply beard oil in a downward motion to your entire beard when it is damp but not soaked. Be careful to massage it into your beard completely. Use a comb to distribute the beard oil evenly if your beard is long or thick.